Monday, December 10, 2007

Call yourself English - if you have won life's lottery

The daily telegraph is lecturing its mostly English readership on calling themselves British. Given that such loyalties are not forthcoming from the Scots, Welsh and Irish - it can only be seen as an attempt to fool the English into being the fall guys of the Union.

I have said this before - but I'm going to repeat it. I'm in favour of the Union, but it must be a positive Union based on justice, fairness, common culture and purpose. Now that three of the home nations have been given recognition it is time for the forth and main nation to get the same respect.

Call me English, restore my parliament and provide again justice to the people of England that existed before devolution - then I may also call myself British.

The English are being asked to keep their eyes shut and hum loudly as the other nations have a party at our expense and are allowed to celebrate their identity and culture when campaigns are arranged to suppress ours.


Letters From A Tory said...

I blogged this morning about Cameron's decision to explicitly support the Union, without hinting at any changes to the balance of power. I would like to maintain the Union but certainly not in its current guise.

Man in a Shed said...

I think I read your post and commented a few minutes ago. I am frankly very disappointed in this change and the implication that English nationalism is narrow and bigoted, when Scottish and Welsh nationalism is to be promoted and pandered to.

A Disgruntled Tory said...

Its the same over all aspects of life in 'Britain', the minorities are considered free and able to believe and act as they wish and the majority, in turn, are forced to accept infringements on their rights. We live in a very strange democracy!

The Secret Person said...

Hi Man In A Shed, it seems Cameron is going down Britishness Brown's route of the Union at all costs. Looks like England's biggest political support comes from the SNP!

Man in a Shed said...

hi Secret person - there will of course be a cost and the English will be paying it.