Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why can't we protect Frances Lawrence ?

Apparently the widow of Philip Lawrence, the head master murdered protecting a pupil outside his school gates, has been subjected to a campaign of intimidation by thugs who want her to stop campaigning about Learco Chindamo, photo below.

This has included having her car rammed, house burgled and direct threats made against her.

This is Labour's England where not even the widow of a brave man can walk the streets in safety.

We do know that Labour's England will pay for the killer of her husband to have a new identity and even security guards. Labour failed to get this thug a murder deported ( why should he be released at all ? )

There is no longer any hope of justice for the weak under the Labour party. Maybe Mr Brown should stop grandstanding about events in Pakistan where he has no effective influence and start doing something about the fear many of our fellow citizens have to live in. Fear created by the human rights act and the EU destroying our justice system and any hope of discipline in our schools.

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old and angry said...

Your post says it all about New Britain.
I think the time is fast approaching when Vigilantes may just start restoring some sort of order.
The police are impotent and useless.The government have thrown us to the wolves.
Time to reclaim the streets.....