Friday, December 28, 2007

Just what I wanted for Christmas

What I wanted for Christmas. Okay - apart from World peace and a new government - was a PicoZ helicopter. If you see one of these in the sales - buy it.

It flies around indoors - and is taking a bit of time to learn how to fly, but is great fun.

See mine flying above the Christmas tree and on static display. Okay it does crash a lot - but has survived well so far.

Few toys truely have the power to amaze - but this is one that does.

I shall be a happy camper - until like all Christmas presents it breaks.

I'll dig up a bit of someone elses video from youtube to watch it in action. I just wish I'd figured out the flying fast enough to fly it around the church on Christmas morning when the inevitable question of what did you get for Christmas gets asked.

had a few problems today with the stability. Ultimately seems the tail rotor was damaged causing a need for over correction and a loss of performance. The tail rotor has now broken and been replaced ( 3 more on order ) and all is happy again.

Have also flown the X-Turn radio controlled aircraft outside today. Much less satisfactory. Managed to get it stuck up two trees ( retrieved by throwing sticks at it ) and narrowly missed being crushed by passing car. PicoZ definately more fun.

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