Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Telegraph now appears to act for Labour and condemn England

I'm appalled by the efforts of the Telegraph to support Gordon Brown.

They are now trying to crush the renaissance of English identity with a Brown saving campaign for Britishness - see this from the Press Association:

    Telegraph Media Group said that to highlight the situation it would be promoting Britishness through a series of initiatives to raise awareness.

    Iain Martin, group executive editor of Telegraph Media Group, said: "The Telegraph launches a patriotic campaign - Call Yourself British - with a very simple aim: to celebrate Britishness and stimulate projects which will weaken those who want to tear this great partnership asunder.

This fails to acknowledge that the problem is that national identities are promoted by the government for every nation in the UK except the English.

I'm amazed that the Telegraph group is going the "British regions" campaign of Gordon Brown designed to balkanise and humiliate England.

In addition they have appointed a left wing journalist to their political team and we now regularly get New Labour propaganda published in the comments section.

I leave your imagination to try to explain what is going on ....

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