Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Christmas tree

The Christmas trees are up at school and the kids being worked up into a frenzy by TV, School etc. Last year MiaS fought a rear guard action to delay the Christmas decoration to about a week before Christmas. Not this year.

They have all ganged up on me. As my wife brought the kids home from school she says - go on ask Daddy.

Now I wouldn't mind but we are one of the few houses that keeps the decorations up for the 12 days. Still the box is down from the attic, all we need now is some floor space to put it on. ( And of course the annual Christmas lights crisis.)

Bah humbug. Don't start me on the search for a Nintendo Wii (given up) or the costs of games such as Super Mario galaxy ( selling £10 above RRP now ).

Don't get me wrong I love Christmas - and the reminder of the wonderful birth of Jesus, its the commercial side that's getting me down.

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