Saturday, December 08, 2007

Police pay gets a New Labour stealth cut

I have two reactions to the news that the police pay award will be staged everywhere, but Scotland ( how much spare cash does Alex Salmond have slopping around ? ).

1) Such manoeuvres are fundamentally dishonest. It means their pay rise has been reduced. If the government is going to do this it should say so. Just as New Labour has deceived the general public about its stealth tax rises and fiscal drag, so it hopes to deceive again. Why can't they just stand up and say we can't afford it so we're paying you less ?

2) Man in a Shed has worked for organisations where he received 0% pay rises. The supply of the skills MiaS had was up, demand was down and the employer knew it. There are plenty of people in the private sector who get similar settlements every year. Given how feather bedded police pay and benefits are they do reasonably well. Man in a Shed may never be able to afford to retire, at least not before 67. No chance of retiring at 48 on full pension like some senior police officers get - when they have had to step down because of potential misconduct.

Potential correction: I've been unable to find two sources that collaborate the pension level of a recently retired senior officer so I've remove the figure from the post.


Anonymous said...

I dont know any one in any Police force who has retired on £100,000 a year. Police pensions are as follows, you have to pay 11% of your earnings for 30 years, in return you get a lump sum and two thirds of your salary. Unless you have recently joined and you have to 9% of your salary for 35 years and get half your salary and a lump sum. Give that the retention rate for Police officers is only 40% of all new joiners there clearly is something wrong.

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - see Iain Dale here.

Man in a Shed said...

I shoudl add he may be wrong - a quick bash with google has not cleared up the matter - so I've amended the post accordingly.