Saturday, November 24, 2007

Round the corner at Ephesus

Man years ago - about 20 of them - Man in a Shed with an old school friend went inter-railing across Europe via Hungry (ok - cheap food and brandy ), Romania ( terrifying example of what communism could achieve ), Bulgaria (ok from what I saw ) to Turkey ( the most advanced country of the 4 - then cheap with great friendly people ).

We travelled down to where the ruins of Ephesus used to be on the Aegean coast of Turkey near a town called Selcuk. We had only a vague idea of where we were going, much to the horror of fellow German backpackers who couldn't understand this lack of a plan and itinerary.

Anyway we found the start of the ruins, or what we thought was the start and spend an hour or two there, only latter to discover that the truly amazing stuff was just round the corner and what we had been looking at was a side show by comparison.

Getting to the point: Now by analogy I suspect that some of the current worries with this government and the likes of Northern Rock - whilst interesting - are really just a side show. The main event is terrifyingly moving towards us as a shock wave...just round the corner.

There are wild articles being written in places

Terrible and disgraceful as the 25 Million lost personal records has been at HMRC, its not the main event. That's cooking just over the horizon.

Read the above and then see if you can sleep at night ...

Update: Add Bet your bottom dollar to the list... Sundays DT

Also see how the word recession is being used in google searches and by whom...

1. Singapore

2. Australia

3. United States

4. Canada

5. India

6. United Kingdom

7. France

8. Germany

1. Singapore, Singapore

2. Washington, DC, USA

3. New York, NY, USA

4. Irvine, CA, USA

5. San Diego, CA, USA

6. Phoenix, AZ, USA

7. Los Angeles, CA, USA

8. Toronto, Canada

9. San Francisco, CA, USA

10. Philadelphia, PA, USA

Full details of that search here...


Peter O said...

We went to Ephesus as part of our honeymoon cruise. You're absolutely right - you start up at the first car park and everything is kinda interesting, but then you reach the crest of the hill and start down the other side and it's altogether another experience. Truly amazing.

Have you been to Pompeii yet? Now *that* is stunning from word go.

Northwing said...

I like your analogy. We went to Ephesus a few years ago - marvelous place, and an insight into the early days of Christianity. The city was destroyed by successive earthquakes (apart from the facade of the wonderful Celsus Library).

That's just what is happening to this government - political ones, but seismic all the same.

Man in a Shed said...

Peter - I've never been to Pompeii, but perhaps it will be a good place to take the kids when they are a few years older.

I'd like to take them to the holy land as well, as my mother took us. However I don't see the journey being as easy as it was almost 25 years ago.

Northwing - In part what I'm trying to get at is how difficult it is to anticipate something you haven't seen yet. I wonder if in a years time we won't look back a year with fond memories. I hope I'm wrong as currently I'm self employed, and will have trouble seeing out a few years of recession.