Friday, November 23, 2007

Rejoice - Tractor production is up !

The dour Leader would like to make it clear that those ex manager from the factory who say that investment is down, and moral is dropping are incorrect.

They have mis-remembered how happy they were when they worked at the factory. Moral is as good as can be expected. More money than ever is being spent and we have the statistics to prove it - any industrial accidents you see must be a result of the wrong type of attitude on part of those who see them. Things have never been better !

Things are so good in fact that we only need a part time director of the factory - who can spend much of his time looking after the dour leaders beloved homeland that we rightly send our Barnett tributes too.

Ignore the counter revolutionaries - ignore your eyes and ears - Tractor production and quality is up ! Hurray for the 10 year plan and the dour Leader !

1 comment:

old and angry said...

Spot on!
I think our dour leader is a suitable case for treatment.
Hope the men in white coats come for him before he completely ruins what's left of this country.
They could offer him a nice blue cap with a red star on it,to come quietly.