Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The plotting has started

On today's Channel 4 news their reporter from Parliament told of the dejected nature of Labour MPs. ( Despite their stage managed rowdiness at the last question from Heathcoat-Amory in PMQs).

He went on to say that some Labour MPs are starting to talk about Brown not being the man to lead them into the next election. ( Well he certainly doesn't seem keen to call it does he ;-) ).

Such MPs should probably make contact with the over quiet Blairite wing of the party that MiaS suspects have been plotting for some time.

The question is not did David Miliband visit a Israeli settlement on his trip to the middle east, but did he meet Blair and what apart from the middle east did they talk about ?

Plots, rumours, conspiracies - where is Guido when you need him ?

Update: The First Post's Mole is reporting the Leadership is up for discussion again ....

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