Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is the Labour party about to implode ?

Man in a Shed was sitting back watching Newsnight when to his utter amazement Mr David Abrahams appeared on Newsnight, or rather phoned in. Perhaps it was a last minute thing, it was certainly dramatic. ( Guido has the transcript that is probably also available on the Newsnight web site ).

He started to add those small details, the sort that kept the alleged HMRC junior official locked up in a hotel somewhere to avoid passing onto the press. These are the sort of details that journalists ( and bloggers) will check. they are the chinks in the defensive line Labour has tried to erect. Labours spin doctors must have been choking on their l;ate night cornflakes as they saw that !

It suggest Mr Abrahams wants to talk. Perhaps he wants to make sure he's not arrested and prosecuted. This action of talking to Newsnight by phone was extraordinary for someone in his situation. It looked to me to be a signal - a signal to the watching Labour party machine. I think we can guess what it was....

At the same time Gordon Brown has signalled that he's quite happy to sacrifice people to defend his position (Harriet Harman should be feeling the chilly wind on her neck by now ). but once they are sacrificed for the greater Gordon their interests no longer line up with his, as Mr Abrahams may not do so. This is the real danger to Labour as the line breaks and its every comrade for himself. More of those details that the press office try to suppress will come to light - more lines of enquiry for journalists - with more devastating facts to be discovered at their end. ( An analogy with stirring septic tanks comes to mind.)

Things are coming very close to unravelling here for Gordon. Gordon's chief of funding is looking vulnerable. Other may calculate that their seats can be saved if the replace the leadership and have 2 years before the next general election to get things back on track.

PS Does anyone know of a link between Peter Mandelson and Mr Abrahams ? They seem like the sorts of people who might know each other. Perhaps not.

I wonder what Labour home is making of this ?

update: Labour home won't load - times out. I wonder if its overloaded or has been taken of line to avoid further damaging facts getting into the open ? No response to ping ( though this could be a firewall issue ).

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Update: Here we go - let the back stabbing commence ! ( Frankly Gordon Brown gets the award for first person to push some one else in harms way with his No10 press briefing where he failed to show enthusiastic support for Harriet Harman.


Womble On Tour said...

Labour Home loads for me but is strangely silent on the donations front. Its last post is from someone despairing at the "easy ride" given to Irving and Griffin at the Oxford Union on Monday night.
Presumably he'd quite like to have seen them get their heads kicked in.

Man in a Shed said...

I've been able to get through since also Womble. As you say not much discussion of current politics though eh ;-)