Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does Labour have a dark sercret at its heart ?

At every escalation of this scandal I've had a sharp intake of breath. But what the Daily Telegraph is reporting looks like the potentially most damaging.

Apparently some senior Labour people are questioning Mr Abraham's actual wealth, leading to the question of whether he could be a front for someone else.

Plenty of people are being interviewed on TV who are choosing their words very carefully indeed. They hint they know more, but are afraid of libelling anyone. There certainly seem to be hidden circles of influence within New Labour.

They are every keen not to start criminal proceedings - Sir Iain Blair claiming not to have received Chris Huhne letter asking for one yet. If we were in a TV studio a pause and knowing look would follow that statement. Gordon Brown being evasive when asked about this in PMQs by David Cameron.

This all leaves me wondering what it would take for the government to fall ? But then I would have thought taking the country to war on a false perspective would have been enough, so what do I know.

I feel some sympathy with the ordinary members of the Labour party. They woke up one morning and Tony Blair told them they were New Labour. They are denied real input into policy and unlike the Conservative grass roots just don't seem to be able to pull their leadership back into line when it goes too far for them. I imagine some of them will just feel despair, and in the end that is not a good thing. This country needs its political parties and their activists to keep those parties true. The Labour grass roots have some thinking and reflection to do.

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