Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Shamless actions of Gordon Brown

The words "Shameless" and "Gordon Brown" are now becoming closely associated.

What has Brown done today:

1) Used his office for political campaigning to try to upstage the Conservative conference. ( Its possible to visit Iraq - if you really had to without the announcement of the 1000 troops home for Christmas - but of course the Gordon is in the small print ).
2) He has been shown to have lied about his commitment to always announce such changes to parliament.
3) He has exaggerated the actual impact of the troop change he is making. He has already announced 500 of them. ( A bit of a habit of Gordon's). So yet again the announcement was intended to deceive. [ Just saw Newsnight - none - I repeat - none of the troops being brought "home" is actually in Iraq at the time of Gordon's shameless announcement !]

He may also be drawing forces down to a level where they can no longer protect themselves. For example what if the US attacks Iran ? What do you expect the Shia militias to do ? Is the Iraqi army dependable ? Could Iranian forces be deployed to do more than capture a navy iPod or two ?

Well Gordon is happy to take the gamble - who said he was against casinos.

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Letters From A Tory said...

He might be against casinos, but political tricks are certainly right up his street.