Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cameron rises to the challange

Just finished watching David Cameron's conference speech and here is my take:

1) It really does take guts to deliver a speech like this with very minimal notes to back up. I think its because he really knows his stuff and is confident with his analysis of current politics and prescription for its solution.
2) Some of the time David Cameron has spend visiting and talking to people since becoming leader has been put to good use. He has personal anecdotes which provide examples of the failure of the current government, whilst also showing that he is in touch with the rest of us.
3) The theme of dealing with our broken society is really coming together. Labour are all about dealing with the results or more often not. The Conservatives party is now really challenging the left on its failure to help society and the political correctness that hinders being effective in that area.
4) Overall I feel David Cameron has a sense of mission.
5) His speech was orders of magnitude better than Gordon Browns tired retreaded oratory.

I would also add that the Conservative party has been lucky in its past leaders. John Major understand when and how to make his very occasional interventions. William Hague and IDS have carried on working for a new leader, the party and the country when in other parties personal egos would have made that impossible.

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Letters From A Tory said...

Cameron made Brown's speech look even more pedestrian. Let's hope that voters now see the differences between the parties.