Thursday, October 04, 2007

Acts of war - where is our 'prime minister' now ?

So Brown has had the photo call. Troops, many - if not most, of whom didn't vote for him have been made to stand behind him for his political photo shoots.

Well some times that is a perk of the job - though the timing has been that of a cad.

We learnt from Mr Browne, the Defence secretary, that no solution to Afghanistan will be found without Islamic law and the Taliban. The Boy Miliband tells us that Military victory is not enough duh !).

Now we get more reports that Iran is in effect helping to kill our soldiers, marines and airmen. ( If of course this turns out to be true - with New Labour nothing, not even what formerly independent intelligence and military officers can be solely believed on face value any more.)

This, if true, is an act of war.

What is the Gordon Brown going to do about it ?

Personally I suspect he doesn't care much for the murdered servicemen, his natural instincts tell him they're probably Tories anyway. ( If he did he would provide the equipment to do the job - proper armoured vehicles, body armour, bots bought by the MOD instead of by families of you soldiers in the local Army and Navy, and real medivac helicopters so that the wounded might live staffed by real doctors.)

Margaret Thatcher wrote, by hand, to relatives of the British dead servicemen from the Falklands. She cried at our loses. Gordon Brown is, as William Hague said this week, no Margaret Thatcher.

PS The Iranians may well have detected the weakness in New Labour. A weakness that makes killing British troops especially rewarding after the utter fiasco of the Navy's stolen iPod incident and Gordon Brown's failure to fund the Royal Navy to allow them to do their job properly.

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Mark Heenan said...

You say many if not most of these troops didn't vote for him, actually quite a few of them don't vote. I was in the pub the other night with three squaddies and they said they'd never voted (they were all thirty-plus) because they move around so much and are never told how to enroll on the electoral register...