Monday, October 08, 2007

The narrow escape from a November constitutional crisis

If an election had occurred in November it is quite possible that the party with the most votes would have been the Conservative party, and yet the party with the parliamentary majority would have been Labour (due to the natural bias in favour of the Labour party in the current system).

Now think about the crisis that follows that !

Britain could no longer claim to be a democracy.

England would be even more blatantly ruled from Scotland and Wales.

Celtic socialism would be forced on middle England against its expressed will at the ballot box ( and maybe also Scotland and Wales also ).

Perhaps this is the outcome Brown feared.

It may be time to talk of voting reform before this happens. I've always favoured first past the post, but perhaps its time to think again.

Perhaps its time to talk to the Lib Dems ( I can hardly believe I'm typing that !).

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