Monday, October 08, 2007

Moral post D-day

It must have been a great relief after D-Day had come off. I've been to see one of the D-Day beaches at Arromanches - previous post here.

In some ways the last week feels like the Conservatives D-Day. Labour being increasingly hollowed out by its failure has still managed to look strong and invulnerable, but now the Atlantic wall has been breached. The principle of excessive taxation has been successfully challenged, and Adolf Gordon Brown has been shown to be less os the master tactician than was thought.

So moral is up, but there is much more to be done to save our country from the stealth socialism of Gordon Brown and his Labour serfs ( I call them that as they aren't allowed thoughts of their own - they just do what Gordon tells them - ask Des Browne, who has to watch the news to discover what's going on in the area of his ministerial responsibility.)

Anyway - here comes the tenuous link - just been sent a copy of the following picture of a specially modified Spitfire taking Beer over to the troops post D-Day. They didn't lack bottle !

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