Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Conservative party should support referendums on independence

I believe it is a mistake for the Unionists to try to deny the referendum on Scottish independence that the SNP say they are seeking.

Since consent should be at the heart of the United Kingdom, it is not pro-independence to affirm it. It actually damages the UK in the long term to be seen to be running away from it. ( They same applies for our relationship with the EU - as Ming Campbell to his credit finally realised.)

The Conservative party should promise referendums on the following:

1) Membership of the UK for each constituent nation, with a new federated constitution between the nations being offered.
2) Membership of the EU. ( If anyone leaves the UK then they can sort out 1) for themselves).

It should be understood that these referendums will be final for the next 50 years - and laws passed to ensure this.

They should take place about 2 years after the next general election to give full time for debate to develop.

These are not measures we should hide from. What we need to avoid is the exam retake options that Quebec keeps trying. These issues should be settled.

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