Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welsh and Scottish nationalism good - English bad - Jack Straw

Jack Straw has attacked the English nation by describing the logical extension of the devolution he helped arrange for Scotland and Wales being implemented in a limited way for England.

Jack your a traitor.

If there is nothing wrong with Scottish and Welsh identity, then there is nothing wrong with that of the English.

Its just narrow self interest by Labour - they thought they could rule forever in Wales and Scotland, but fear they can never persuade the English.

I understand Scottish and Welsh MPs, like Gordon Brown, trying to keep the excellent advantages they have secured for their constituents at the expense of the English, but Jack what the reason for selling your people out ?

The prime steaming turd of Straw's hypocrisy is the following statement:

    "The Conservative Party must make up its mind what it believes," he says. "You are either in the Union or you are out of it; you cannot be both."

So why did Labour divide the country up then ? If they were offering to abolish devolution then they would have an argument. They are just self interested bigots and hypocrites.

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