Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How does Brown get away with calling for a one party state and a cruscade ? Ans = BBC

With all the lining up of useful idiots from other parties to 'advise' him. ( He a man who we all know gives other people their opinions ! Its so obviously a ploy.) Is Gordon's view of the future a one party state ? - After all Labour didn't need an election to discover who its new dear leader would be.

See this from the BBC's Mariella Frostrup helping Gordon, no doubt on her own time, with direct political theatre and propaganda ( she's a friend of the family you know - well so's most of the BBC )

    ..and he again said he wanted to "reach out" to supporters and even members of other parties to join his crusade for a better Britain.

By the way if any centre right politician used the word "crusade" the BBC would unleash all its hatred a bile against them - muslims would be found to say how racist the Conservative party is and every other way of doing down the official opposition that the state funded broadcaster could find would be done.

Gordon Brown is a large threat to a healthy and functioning democracy - and so as always is the BBC.

It may be a dark time for us, but we should never forget the BBC's role in distorting national politics. The time will come when we need to abolish them.

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Lord Higham- Murray said...

Reach out to other parties? He's having a grand old time of it, ain't he?