Friday, September 14, 2007

Really Darling, you should blame you predecessor.

The spin and misdirection are in full flow from Labour now - desperate to avoid their black Wednesday:

    First there was Sybil the cat - the cuddly side of Alistair Darling ( they new what was coming ).
    Then the pre-emptive warning about banks getting back to good old fashioned banking ( blame the banks - this from the man who only a few weeks ago was insisting on new types of financial products to get people on the housing ladder - at least for long enough until his boss could call a general election ).
    There's a need for international regulations - no mention of why ours failed. ( The subtext - its not a UK govt issue alone - spread the blame.)
    The American's are really to blame.
    Crisis what crisis ? Keep your money in Northern Rock - even though no one else will lend to them and the pound is on the slide based on market worries. ( Remember the bank of England is getting the rights to the best mortgages in return for its money - so they won't lose out)

Lets be clear - this is a full blown test of the banking regulation and monitoring system imposed by Gordon Brown (when he altered the Bank of England in 1997), and its been found wanting. Gordon Brown has failed and as ever other people will need to pay the price. Like those people whose pensions have been taken to fund unreformed public service bloating or the failure to reform the civil service. All those non-public sector people who now need to work till they are 67 ( or preferably dead as its cheaper ) to help pay for Gordon's payroll vote. Remember you pay 91p to a public sector workers pension for every £1 you have to risk on the stock market and with bonds for your own.

Much must be sacrificed for the career of Gordon.

I warned about debt under Brown earlier - now those chickens are heading home.

Time for some gravitas Mr Cameron - put Zac back in the kinder garden where you found him and come and play for the high stakes.

One that line - this article in The Sunday Telegraph is interesting .... thats more like it Dave !

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