Friday, August 10, 2007

Public pension crisis: You pay 91p for other peoples pensions for every £1 on your own !

When Alan Johnson bottled out, along with Gordon "I'll use you pension to fund my personal ambition" Brown, of reforming public pensions before the last general election you knew it was a selfish and pathetic move that only the socialist Labour party could carry out - safe in the knowledge that a future Conservative government would need to take the measure and unpopularity to go with it.

But the Lib Dem MP and Pensions spokesman Danny Alexander has found the following statistic:

If that does frighten you to death then may I suggest you have a nice state funded pension to look forward to paid for by exploiting the state to place unbearable burdens on your fellow citizens, especially todays children who are doubly cheated by Labour - their education is a con ( with falling standards - but prizes for all) and they will be enslaved to pay for the guardianistas to take saga holidays for the rest of their lives.

This sort of bribery by Labour - votes - paid for with other peoples cash and their poverty in old age - goes to the heart of the disgusting nature of Gordon Brown's Labour party.


See how good life has been to John Prescott here - or rather how generous you have been ... Can any sane person truthfully think this is a good way to spend money that could otherwise be providing the treatments denied to English people because they don't live in areas of outstanding government subsidy like Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland ?

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Vindico said...

Disgusting statistic. Same with councils where pensioners pay council tax to finance public worker pensions. Bloody disgrace. I would sack state workers by the hundreds of thousands and make them get real jobs.

nice blog btw.