Monday, July 02, 2007

Gordon's debt time bomb

Gordon and his little servants (Ed Balls & co) are busy executing their strategy to destabilise David Cameron's leadership. Which is why we need to see it for what it is, and not to provide support for the enemy as Janet Daley has done today in the Telegraph. (I'm normally a big Janet Daley fan - and am just a willing to criticise my own party, but her timing is off now.)

But one part of the strategy - creating uncertainty about the election and the launch of the "We can't guarantee David Cameron being leader at the next election" meme by Ed Balls, may be closer to the truth.

People assume that Gordon Brown won't go for a smash and grab general election as he's too cautious / cowardly. But what if he has little choice ? He understands how badly in debt Britain is. He has already started cutting back on spending in England ( Schools and Hospitals) - but not Wales and Scotland were Labour gets its MPs from.

Future revenues from pensions have been brought forward in time and confiscated from peoples pensions by Gordon Brown's five billion a years raid on pensions. The use of PFI has run up the government's credit card, off balance sheet of course. ( Perhaps as one of his acts of spin reforms he's announcing he could bring that debt back on the books ? No - thought not.)

But equally badly the British people have over stretched themselves. Their debt is also unsustainable - and cannot keep increasing to finance Gordon's ever increasing, and unreformed - specifically blocked by Gordon Brown - public sector.

Don't take my word for it - there's an article in this weeks Economist on debt that explains that servicing of debts is now at its greatest burden since that day ( and it was only a day Labour Trolls note ) when interest rates went to 15% as we fell out of the ERM that Labour and the Lib Dems wanted us in so badly.

Gordon Brown has done for prosperity what Neville Chamberlain did for peace - made the day of reckoning much more painful ... We need to make sure the people understand what has been done in case Gordon goes for an early election.

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