Sunday, September 16, 2007

Labour cynically fail our troops in Afghanistan

Another article on how Labour have been failing to support out troops in the Sunday Telegraph. They have promised to give them what they ask for - in reality they have ordered them not to ask and tried to control messages coming from the front with their ban on internet communications and videos from the front.

The problem with Labour is that they think they create reality with their words. As Northern Rock shows thats not the case.

Here just one quote from the article (here):

    "Senior officers are under strict orders not to make public demands for more helicopters because the RAF has no more to send."

Anyone remember Tony Blair's promise on this ? ( Back by his Chancellor Gordon Brown ).


Dr. James P. Holdren said...

This hs been a key concern of James Cleverley and of myself for a long time. The body armour which the troops were issued with was substandard and contracted out to a sweetheart deal. Every soldier knew that the dragonskins were better.

This is one small aspect of the whole way Labour has sold our troops short.

Tony said...

It has been something that has made me genuinely angry for a long time. I wrote about this last month and even though the lessons are obvious, the government is refusing to learn them.

The reason for this is open to speculation, but my view is that it is based in the pathological disdain for our armed forces by Labour, stretching back decades and sheer bloody incompetence.

Steve in somerset said...

Will someone explain why the RAF with 12 Chinooks in theatre, 'have no more to send'

The RAF has about 30 chinooks, lets assume 6 are in overhaul after operating in Afghanistan, there has to be another doxen or so around.

OK lets 4 are at training bases doing type conversions.

Here is a guess based on many years of observing the RAF. The rest are grounded for lack of spares. Because they have not been bought as there is no spare cash while we build up a huge stock of totally pointless, pilotless eurofighters.

And where the hell are the Army Air corps Lynx helicopters. They have dozens of the useless articles. Yet again, providing jobs at Westlands is more important than giving the troops the off-the-shelf helicopters they really want.