Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go now Brown cow ?

The usual theatrics from Gordon Brown on foot and mouth ( just who is the DEFRA minister these days anyway ? Seems there's good publicity to be had for Gordon for this one, so unlike Northern Rock he isn't hiding ).

The committee meeting ( how they must love the title COBRA - rather reminds you of a iffy Sylvester Stallone movie - tough anyway ) is to discover why the great clunking fist, after underfunding government labs with lethal viruses, hasn't prevailed over Foot and Mouth.

The real risk Gordon is worried about isn't to farmers ( who he'll assume are Tory voting and deserve to go out of business ), but to his desperate need to have a smash and grab election before the bad economic front closes in.

What are the risks of a national outbreak, during an election. Would such an election have to be postponed like last time ?

Gordon has to know .... after all this is important to him ...

Update Monday: Benedict Brogan suspects the media are being played on this and that Brown won't go.
My father in law agrees - based on his diet of Scottish newspapers in which all that shines isn't Brown.
Tony Sharp is intrigued and points to analysis at UK Polling report that suggests things may not be as much in Labour favour as we have been assuming.


Daily Referendum said...

Great post and I love the title!

Letters From A Tory said...

I hope that these latest outbreaks, horrible as they must be for the farming community, destroy Brown's poll lead. The Conservatives should be attacking his arrogance on this issue.