Monday, September 24, 2007

A Few Good Men

We are faced with the unrestrained micromanagement of Gordon Brown. But listening to him on the radio during interviews I'm reminded of the film "A Few Good Men".

A Code Red incident with the countries finances has taken place. The debt of the whole nation is a record levels. Tomorrow has been sacrificed so that Gordon could have today (the destruction of pensions, massive wasteful PFI schemes [Metronet anyone ?], reducing NHS productivity, banking crisis).
But the Colonel does see why the young upstart David Cameron should be asking him any questions. He knows all the details, Cameron exists in the economy he has provided with so many quarters of growth they don't fit in 10 years. In interviews, when Blair would have just repeated sound bites until the interviewers head spins, Gordon tries to bludgeon them with his great knowledge of everything.

And there - as in the film - lies the trap. Gordon wants to tell us all the details - but also as a good socialist believes "the truth - you couldn't handle the truth". No wimpy Navy leader of the opposition is going to get the better of him - ( only in PMQ's he already has).

One day - when provoked and deluded by his own self confidence - Gordon will blurt out the words that will tell everyone the truth he tries so hard to hide.

No wonder his minders won't trust him to have a one on one debate in the general election with David Cameron.

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Letters From A Tory said...

But this is why the Conservatives get so frustrated with Cameron, because if you can't beat a guy with Brown's record then who can you beat?