Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gordon's real blue background

Brown keeps going on about Britain - but its a ploy to avoid talking about England. He talks about equality, but at the same time takes money from the England to spend in Scotland when those with the same need who live in England don't get that money. England is run by a party that didn't even win a majority of the votes at the last general election.

Gordon is not an honest straight forward man. He is an arch spinner and the direct enemy of every free Englishman.

Just watching his speech on watch again - its not up to much. I think secretly a lot of Labour supporters must have been bored out of their minds. Boring - not Conservative. State controlled spending and direction - not leaving people free to aspire and leaving them with their own money to do so.

Gordon Brown did his PhD on the Scottish Labour party and he wrote academic papers on socialism. He hasn't changed much - he's only learnt how to disguise his real intentions to get elected.

( Oh - he's just trying to take credit for the child tax credits fiasco - and he repeating the child poverty abolition promise, when they measure poverty relatively its of course impossible. He directly lying, but given his audience isn't that bright he'll get away with it.

He's misrepresenting scripture now - but I never hear him talking about his personal faith. Has anyone else ?)

Of course the true background to Gordon is red.

( Oh he's just reannouced the re-establishment of the pension link again - the mindless idiots in the hall clap - not spotting they've been conned again. They really aren't that bright are they ? Can't watch any more - its too poor and boring.)

I should add - for this post to make sense in the future, that the Labour party background is bright blue ( if thats a possible colour) this year and that Gordon Brown is appearing like Big Brother in the middle of the blank - but very blue - screen.

Maybe its so the Labour party can rewrite history easier and superimpose whatever background they like in the future. Big Brother would be proud.

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