Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Foor *in* mouth desease - government for the media headlines

The BBC is reporting a new case of suspected foot and mouth 30 15 10 miles* from the other outbreak. Other sources are mentioning Egham as the location of the suspected outbreak.

They are quick to report that a COBRA meeting is to be called by Gordon Brown. COBRA is now being used for political spin and cover. Its like the continual review that Labour is still producing 10 years into office. Pretending to do something whilst actually just muddling about.

The potential source of the virus leaking from a pipe has been identified, but the vector by which it got to the farms was *only* speculation.

Man in a Shed and a few others have raised the question about the wild deer that populate this part of Surrey. Clearly if they were the vector then it would be very bad politically for Gordon Brown - whom wanted to keep the option of a general election open for his own personal political games he plays, rather than doing his job running the country.

There are more questions to be asked now ... and perhaps we could have less of the theatrics from No10 and some competent government instead. ( But I'm not holding my breath. ).

Update: Note how close Windsor park appears to be ...

It is being reported that the foot and mouth incubation period is a maximum of 21 days - meaning there were other animals with the disease (deer ?) or its a fresh outbreak.

* Egham keeps getting nearer to Pirbright in the BBC reports. First it was 30 miles (initial web version), then 15 at lunch time on the World at One, PM used the word "close" and the 6 O'Clock news used 10 miles. Something odd going on there I think ... Google maps put them 11.7 miles apart ( maybe US miles - are they the same ?)

BBC radio news has mentioned the possibility of wild life for the first time, but prefers the theory of cars from the site spreading the disease.

As I mentioned earlier you have to wonder if the BBC and their masters don't prefer the human caused explanation as it suggests things will be easier to fix. ( Especially given Gordon Brown's political needs ).

By the way why would anyone think that below surface ceramic pipes would contain a virus effectively enough. They will *always* leak to some extent. These pipes should be stainless steel, above ground, with a controlled atmosphere.

Update: The Warmwell site is again a good place to catch up on current news and thinking on this outbreak - head over here (recommended )...

Of particular interest is its covering of the possibility that Deer may be the vector. See this letter from a farmer and virologist Ruth Watkins here.

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Sir James Robison said...

Why can't Britain deal with this issue for once and for all? How does it keep cropping up? Is it the mixing of feed or the dampness or what is it?