Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The BBC doesn't do political campaigning, but if it did ...

The BBC says it doesn't do political campaigning, but if it did then it would look something like this -See

The best bit is when they says the aim is to give an impartial snap shoot - whilst blazening Tony Blair's image over the front ( they know most people don't read the words - just listen to the leftie mood music).

Oh - hold on a minute this is a real BBC campaign, launched just at the time of a Labour government initiative on the NHS. Surely just a coincidence ....

Context: The BBC cancel Planet Aid campaign day, but as ever denies it had anything do with criticisms even its own staff are making about it. See Iain Dale here. ( Though well done the BBC is over doing things a bit Iain - they are just managing to do their job, on the odd occasion.)

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