Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Money well spent - really ?

The government broadcasting agency BBC has the headline "Money well spent" next to the new channel tunnel link. ( You know the one that cuts out the South and South east of England for suitable access to the service at Waterloo ).

Oddly pravda the BBC eventually mentions the cost a long way down in its report on line 71,£5.8 Billion. At one point it nearly went bust - I believe John Prescott was involved at the time.

But the best part is that all the customers from the South of England will now have to travel to St Pancras to get on the train. Those that the BBC mentions from Newcastle and the North will of course fly from their local airports to Paris direct.

The BBC also goes on to mention a number of white elephants in the project eg Stratford Station being opened - ie paid for - years too early.

Man in a Shed believes this money was spent for reasons of Labour party politics and will in fact reduce traffic on Eurostar but its good news for Gatwick and Heathrow, and bad for the tax payer.

The BBC links and headlines are changing as I type - but you get the pre-election feel good message from Gordon's little helpers don't you ?

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