Friday, September 07, 2007

What's odd about the alleged China army hacks is ...

What's odd about the China army hacks is how wide spread they are reported to be.

As part of a long running intelligence rivalry I would have thought that keeping vulnerabilities in you opponents IT infrastructure quiet, in your back pocket so to speak, would be the way to go. These alleged hacks have been wide spread involving computers in the US, Germany and now the UK.

Now unless some sort of action is imminent which relies on data from such an obvious trawl - invasion of Taiwan for example - then all it does is get everyone to beef up their security so when you need to get into their computer systems it would no longer be possible.

It would in fact be a stupid thing to do; unless something was just about to happen. ( Perhaps the FCO being targeted points towards that.)

Or its not the Chinese peoples army at all - but someone else ..... who also expects action shortly. Iran perhaps, maybe Israel ? Something is cooking.

(The people carrying out the hacks may be in China -but it does not necessarily follow that its the Chinese government's work.)

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Sir James Robison said...

You've hit the nail on the head. Either it's just a bit of sabre rattling or else it is not Chinese hackers at all but the same crew who created the "terrorist threat" and used the Muslim madmen as the vehicle.