Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Humfrey Malins shows the way

Here is my local MP - outside the Pirbright laboratories (where the Foot and Mouth virus is now assumed to have come from) being interviewed again about the latest developments ( I saw him there a day or two ago ).

This is the type of leadership that the party needs. On time, on site, on TV and in with our message.

Sir Humfrey is a thoughtful MP who considers his words carefully. To see more of him have a look at this excellent interview on 18 Doughty Street here ...

Humfrey Malins MP - Drugs Policy (21/03/2007)
Iain Dale presents Live at Nine. Guest is Conservative MP Humfrey Malins MP who talks about his work towards preventing youngsters becoming involved in drugs

Running time: 00:53:59
Director: Doughty Street

PS Humfrey's jacket is showing the start of a heavy rain storm thats just gone over .. its not a Blair Sure moment ... ;-)

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