Thursday, July 05, 2007

Want to know how bad PMQs was for Brown ?

Then see what the BBC are reporting him saying "Brown dismisses Commons 'theatre'". The fact he has to say that shows how badly rattled he's been. just a few days ago he was telling us how he's changing the constitution to keep Labour in power make parliament more important !

The BBC has rolled out a smiling Gordon Brown - this is the type of Bias the BBC easily gets away with - so they like to help every way they can.

He's actually had a Union flag put over Downing Street - he's showing signs of losing the plot.

Isn't putting up a flag just theatre - or to give it its real NuLabour term spin ?


Anonymous said...

After watching (rather painfully I must add) varied interviews with Brown, it has come to my attention that he has an inherent flaw.

He only smiles when he tells a lie.

its normally just a thin upward movement to the ends of the lips, without baring the teeth, which makes him look like 'the joker', but it only appears when a lie is being told.

Lord Straf-Dresden said...

It really is a circus on the government benches.

Rachel Joyce said...

The British Flag thing, along with the constant ranting about "Britishness" from him is because he is trying to hide the fact that he is a Scot who is anti-English.
The evidence:
1.Only Scots MPs can vote for Scots issues, but English MPs are joined by their Scots colleagues for English only issues.
2. Scotland receiving much greater funding than England.
3. As you yourself highlighted, he is cutting English Hospital capital budgets.
4. Some English constituencies have almost double the number of voters for one MP to some of those in Scotland.
So we are paying more South of the Border, to get less. Our votes are worth less than half of Scottish votes (if you take into account size of constituency and the Scots voting on English issues).
So - how to hide this disgraceful behaviour? Go on about Britishness.
Except, the Brown definition of Britishness = robbing the English of their money and votes.