Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hatty 4.0 Harman begs for mercy already !

Things are just not going Hatty Harman's way. (She didn't look like she enjoyed the Gordon disaster in the common yesterday either.)

She gets elected to be John Prescott's replacement by attacking her own party and government's line (both of which she was pleased to play along with when it suited her) - only to discover that Fatty Prescott had eaten all the goodies and there was to be no such thing as deputy prime minister any more.

Now she's pleading with Teresa May to go easy on her, not because she has 3 other jobs* to keep her busy as well as being leader of the commons - deputy 'leader' of the Labour party, Woman's minister and party chairman, but because ....ummm... no good reason really provided. She can't play the X chromosome card on this one !

Teresa May probably can't believe her luck.

PS What is it about deputy leaders of the Labour party that makes them collect things like jobs, houses, jags & shags ?

* Hence Hatty 4.0


Loz said...

You wouldn't happen to have any proof for your claim that Harriet Harman was surprised to find she wasn't deputy PM would you? It seems unlikely as it was made clear ages ago, possibly at the start of the Deputy Leader race if I remember right, that contestants were standing for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, not DPM, that there wouldn't be such a post (which gives us the thrilling prospect of old caterpillar-eyebrows Darling standing in for Brown while he's away) and that several of the candidates even said they would refuse the post of DPM if offered?

Man in a shed said...

Loz - I think you'll find she was running from quite some time before the Deputy Leader race started. I also think the removal of the DPM prize was made very late in the day during the race. ( Happy to be corrected if you can find the press article).

I seem to remember John Cruddas brining up the idea that the Deputy leader should not be DPM. There were also press articles suggesting that Gordon Brown was going to make Jack Straw DPM - what ever the election result was.

In addition I have notes of Harriet Harman talking about the role of DPM on R4 at 17:10 Fri 15th Sept.