Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gordon defeated by Cameron at PMQ

Good tactics from Cameron. Gordon struggled with the detail. At one point complaining he's only been in the job for 5 days. He then undermines that excuse by talking about how he knows about these things from his days in the treasury.

You can tell he's rattled as he stopped being able to look David Cameron in the eye and reverted to his old crutch of looking at Gorbals Mick (the ex-Labour speaker ).

Gordon's old front bench look depressed except for Jacqui Smith who keeps trying to mouth his answers for him.

Even Ming Campbell is landing punches !

Now the new chairman of Celtic (John Reid) is up trying to give Gordon the answers he messed up earlier with Cameron. Great stuff. John Reid is telling him not to be partisan - really...

Oh its getting better - he's just been asked why minister of defence is a part time job. Some drivel about web sites - even Gorbals Mick has to ask for quiet so the house can here Gordon Brown answer the question. Which of course he can't and doesn't.

Just seen another question by Bacon - good again and has Gordon off balance. I started by saying David Cameron had won this - but really its the whole parliamentary party.

PMQ are going to be a happy hunting ground for the future !

Gordon Brown in PMQs
Update: Don't just take my word for it - listen to sketch writer Andrew Gimson from the Telegraph here Gordon's grim day

Further : It appears I was being kind - see also Waking Hereward.


Alfie said...

It was brilliant. Brown stumbling, waffling, Peter Vain looking as embarrassed as hell....

Best bit by far was the look on Cameron's face after Brown had mumbled out the "I've only been in the job for 5 days" excuse.

If you want to read my take on it -

Man in a shed said...

Thanks Alfie - I had a read and I think we're of the same opinion, if differing metaphors.

Of course this can't last - but as you hint - its Gordon's self confidence that's going to suffer if he can't up his game soon.

Once that goes - everything else will follow.