Friday, July 06, 2007

Brown's command economy screws up supply of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists etc

Here we have the true nature of our education and health service.

They are one area where coordinating demand and supply should have a fighting chance of working. But even so the soviet system fails again.

We have too many junior doctors this year. ( See posts everywhere else.)

Apparently 69% of graduate nurses can't find jobs.

I was at a party a few weeks ago where a young woman was telling how the course for speech therapists had just competed had only 1 in 10 employed afterwards !

So the soviet state sector is wasting our money by the truck load, and crushing young peoples dreams and chances at the same time.

Yes - this is the time to have a once in a life time review for political reasons (spin - the sign that Gordon was here) of the NHS to help stop any reform of the system.

Gordon Brown and his NuLabour government have their finger prints all over this one.

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