Thursday, July 26, 2007

The socialist way of defending marriage

One the socialist have finished their little hissy fits about some single mother being discriminated against justifying damning the common good by not supporting marriage - as the Conservatives want to - they should watch out for what their own side is up to.

I've blogged on this before ( see here and here ), but their solution to the failure of cohabiting couples to take the responsibilities of married couples is to say they're all married in effect anyway.

Its common law marriage ( which everyone used to think existed - but doesn't right now).

You will have to opt out of the state induced marriage or else you get to share the legal responsibilities for you "partner" that the marrieds have to carry.

This will be interesting - see report on the 'Justice' ministry review here.

There will be a lot of people getting very worried about this - my bet is most of them will be males who used the "we don't need a bit of paper to prove our love" or "why spend all that money just for a piece of paper" ploys.

Doubt it will win Labour many votes - the unintended effect will probably be more atomised families - with the men only staying the night sometimes. More single mothers - oh hold on now I know why the guardianistas will like it ...


ken from glos said...

Excellent point! I have wondered about this for some time!

Anonymous said...

There is a funny new book that proposes a solution to curtail the divorce rate. It is called "Mama Peavy says, 'Women, It's OK to Marry an Ugly Man'" by Mary R. Butler. The book gives these five reasons why marrying an ugly man is the right thing to do and why people will be more happier in marriages that will last longer.

Man in a shed said...

Oddly my Grandfather gave me the same advice from a different perspective.

Not that I took it of course !

Prague said...

Man in a shed is a legend.