Sunday, July 15, 2007

Labour try to have it all ways - the spin is back

As part of Gordon Brown's carefully crafted plan to decieve the public about his true nature the Brownian spin machine is now in running at full tilt.

    Supercasino - just say no. ( Can anyone remember Gordon I want to save my job and lack the courage of my convictions Brown objecting before ? ).
    American (We're not going to be slavish friends but give the yanks the benefit of our half baked socialism and naive view of the work that gave you CND amongst other things - but then the boy Miliband is on TV saying we didn't mean that at all - after pocketing the support from the public.)
    Housing (re-announce loads of things - make brief statements. Start trying to blame the financial industry for the coming house crash - does anyone remember Gordon Brown boasting about interest rates in the last 10 years or fixing the bank of England by measuring inflation in a different way ? )
    England ( or in NuLabour spin speak the British Regions - and all the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs will be busy legislating on Gordon Brown's priorities that apply only in England. )

So let no one doubt spin is back - in fact you have to start wondering if Gordon Brown wasn't the force behind Labours spin and character assassination campaign at the start ..... Maybe thats why we have Ed Miliband giving out his Meme's about David Cameron having to shore up the right etc ...spin, spin and more spin.

If only they took their responsibilities in government half as seriously as making sure they continue to have access to all the goodies and money that government brings them.

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Ken from glos said...

Spin never went away! I just wish the the Tories would start to really push on the democratic defecit , the Barnett formula and all the other crap fed to us by British Brown