Friday, July 13, 2007

God save the Queen !


(Channel 4 haven't done anything yet - but its good to get your condemnation in early ).

May we also have the head of the controller of BBC 1 on a spike on Tower Bridge please.


Because even if the story had been true he should never have used to promote his TV schedule ( and of course the significance of what he was saying and its damage to the monarchy is so obvious that he must have thought of it and approved of those ends ).

The Queen is our head of state, when you bring her down you bring us all down.

I sometime think this country doesn't realise how lucky with have been the Queen Elizabeth II. I have no doubt she is far from perfect but she has served her country well, with honour and distinction. In doing so she has also shown that leadership that seems to escape some of our politicians so much - setting and example.

May her reign be long and may the republican maggots who seek to do her down be shown for what they are. ( By this I mean those who push their republican agenda by stealth. Gradually reducing the monarch, but without having the courage to admit to what they are doing in the light of day.)

Update Simon Heffer gets it ! See here.


IanP said...

It is quite obvious that the rigorous checking processes, including its legal dept, that the BBC have before anything is released to air or the press must have ticked all the boxes and approved this release.

In my view it was a deliberate attempt to discredit Her Majesty as part of the wider agenda of separation that is currently going on between Government and Crown.

NuLab takes the view that once the treaty has been ratified by parliament, and the UK loses its sovereignty to Brussels, then the Queen is no longer a national requirement.

Ellee said...

The BBC thought it had a good scoop to promote and it is easy to get carried away sometimes without checking the detail which must be checked and checked again when it comes to the BBC.

This has done no favours for the BBC. Where is the competition?

Man in a shed said...

I'm not so understanding Elle. Its blindingly obvious that criticising the Queen is serious. When it turns out not to be true its even worse.

The usual left wing spin is being used - the "Not a resigning issue" sound bites etc and circling of the wagons. The deflection next - its RDF fault probably followed by the we're having an inquiry and learning from it type statements.

The man concerned has no honour - if he did he would resign. The BBC will lose its honour if it doesn't fire him.

Buster said...

Man in a shed said...
The man concerned has no honour - if he did he would resign. The BBC will lose its honour if it doesn't fire him.
7:04 PM

What honour has the BBC to lose?
It behaved disgracefully in the Gilligan affair by giving in to the bully boy tactics of Blair and Campbell.
It has no honour left at all.
Mind you, I'm in favour of a republic. The Queen has done well excepting her marrying the Greek buffoon and giving us an idiot heir.

UK Daily Pundit said...

I've always thought the Queen has done a good job, but after her we should call it a day on the Royals. Does that mean we automatically need an elected president? Far from it. We've already got a head of state - the prime minister of the day. Why do we need another one?