Friday, June 22, 2007

So what the sell out going to be this time ?

The problem with the EU is none of the ordinary people understand what its up to, and that's just the way Brussels likes it.

Today we hear that a commitment to free and open markets may get the chop to make the French (who else!) happy.

That would be the end of the last argument for staying in the EU.

So the question remains how are we being stitched up this time and how long will it take us to find out. One thing we can rely on is that whatever Tony Blair and Gordon Brown say initially will be far from the underlying message and designed to put us of the scent of the truth. They are after all without honour or principle NuLabour.


Miles said...

Hi broth
The lights went out in 1973 because there WASN'T ENOUGH socialism.

Man in a shed said...

Hi Miles - your the first one to say that ! When I'm out canvassing I have to be careful - each time I meet a Labour voter ( about 1 in 2 outings ) I almost can't stop myself saying your the first one I've met today and smiling at them ! ( And by the way this is on the local estate - not the leafy parts of town.)

I think we're going to have to disagree here. But happy to take any nominations of states where you believe Socialism has been a success.... Romania, The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Zimbabwe etc ? It certainly was never here.

Jeff said...

Don't know if you know, but you were quoted in the Sunday Herald editorial at the weekend there.

Nice quote too......

Man in a shed said...

Thanks Jeff,- couldn't find it on the online version. What subject was the editorial on ?

Jeff said...

It was a thin strip down the right hand side of the first two editorial pages (there are about 8 of them).

Three blogs had been picked out with a quote from each and yours was in the middle.

So it won't warrant being in the online edition but a hard copy might not be too hard to find perhaps.