Saturday, June 23, 2007

F*** off, mate!

Read - F*** off, mate! How the Aussies repelled Iranian gunboats (unlike our own hapless sailors)
By RICHARD SHEARS in the Daily Mail.

After reading the above article you're left wondering what has gone wrong with the Royal Navy. Mixed ships, Lesbian brawls in port, poor leadership and no one taking responsibility.

The Royal Navy's reputation is in tatters, and they will have to work very hard to get it back - if they ever start.

The white wash investigations published recently just make matters worse. There may well be internal processes ( maybe even confiscated iPods - but that sounds a bit risky for the Navy ), but leadership demanded demonstrable action and accountability. Yet again the Navy failed.

This plain refusal to serve the nation started with NuLabour's willingness to just lie if they thought they could get away with it - deny facts and mislead.

The cancer has spread.

Update see also EU Referendum here.

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