Sunday, June 24, 2007

My position on the EU is changing

When I was young I was an enthusiast for the ECC. Free trade and a counter balance to the US all seemed like good ideas.

Whilst I might have wanted to slow down changes - I always saw the advantage to Britain of being a member.

The free and open market was the key prize - but the French have made clear its days are numbered. There is also the point of gaining influence and the old English foreign policy imperative that a power should never be allowed to emerge in Europe that could dominate the UK.

But now no more - it seems that we can't stop the march to ever closer union and we will not be asked. Politicians put their next 5 years in office ahead of over almost a thousand years of history. They can no longer be trusted - and I don't just include Labour in this.

Politics in the UK has no point - no point at all - if it is unable to achieve anything and we have ceded power over our country to a foreign power.

Better of out - now gets my vote ( but will anyone be willing to ask ? Or with electronic voting fraud will it be counted ? )

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