Thursday, June 14, 2007

If Scotland's not intrested in self defence then ....

Given the vote in the Scottish parliament today Trident should be based out of England and the future carriers should be manufactured in England.

The Scottish regiment should be cut to a pro-rata equivalent size as the English regiments for the population size.

England should remain free and be adequately defended. Scotland will just have to pull up the white flag whilst everyone else who has the will to defend themselves decides their future - and hope the English are generous, as we normally are.


Jeff said...

Do you honestly believe the UK will need nuclear weapons to defend itself?

In what possible scenario would it make sense to hit the red button?

£20bn for a bunch of bombs that will never be used is too high a price in my book. Diplomacy is the answer going forward and the sooner we take the testosterone out of the argument the better off we'll all be.

Man in a shed said...


Their uses would include - but not be limited to:

1) A strategic attack against UK cities.
2) A response to WMD terrorist attack on the UK.
3) National emergency - eg re invasion of the Falklands.

Documents from the Warsaw pack show that the Soviets were willing to fight a localised Nuclear war in Europe, but not the UK or France.

If Scotland leaves the UK - it will join the list of nations where Nuclear armed nations feel free to attack with no consequences.

Jeff said...

Well, I guess this is an easy one to disagree on.

I see where you're coming from, I just think if a country or terrorist group is crazy enough to drop a nuclear bomb in the UK, we shouldn't match that craziness with our own approach. (For example, the idea of dropping a nuclear bomb on Argentina if they happened to invade the Falklands again is so outrageously mindless that I can barely think of the words to comment on it)

Man in a shed said...

This is where the business of deterrence comes in.

It would clearly not be moral to use nuclear weapons against a city of a state that had not launched its own equivalent attack. However an invasion fleet at sea is a different matter.

The issues are capability and intention. Making your enemies think twice, and removing from the certainty of any outcome from acts of aggression they are planning.

My guess is this is why Iran and North Korea are so keen on the idea.

Personally I think the larger Nuclear weapons are truly terrifying. But I wouldn't want to be caught on the side which didn't have any.