Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How you are seen if you don't have nuclear weapons

The Telegraph reports on the Polish governments opening up old Warsaw pack scenario of a limited nuclear war in Europe. ( Map here.)

Given where all the NATO nukes are seen as being set of - you can see why the Poles might find this a bit worrying.

But watch where the Warsaw pack nukes go ... everywhere but Britain and France. Why ? Because both Britain and France would retaliate against Moscow. British nuclear strategy was based upon being able to overwhelm Russian ABM defenses of Moscow to get a guaranteed kill.

If your German or Polish ( or even a spirited Dane, Belgian or Dutch man) you might wonder if having Nuclear weapons might be worth while after all.

Munich (without Nuclear retaliation capability)

Perhaps what we should think about for the future is a more limited nuclear war between a future Islamo Fascist state and the West. Trident might have a lot of value ...

( I have my doubts on Trident - but they are based on its submarine system and whether it is really independent of the US. This case shows that it needs to been seen as such by a potential adversary)

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Buster George said...

A Britain independent of the US, now theres a goal for any future PM.

I truly hope that any nuclear weapons are not in any way controlled by the lunatics in the whitehouse.

We used to joke that we sent all the criminals to australia, recent events would suggest that at least a few ships got lost on the way and ended up in America.