Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's the point of being in a political party anymore ?

Just read letter to the Guardian by Gaye Johnston Secretary, Save the Labour Party.

The points made are about the Labour Party, but quite frankly they could apply to the Conservative party and maybe the Lib Dems.

I heard some utter rubbish coming out on triangulation with the Diggers and Levelers on Monday morning on the radio. The analysis on land trusts etc was deeply flawed and any Conservative party representative should have been shredding the argument I heard - not making it on radio themselves !

It made me think of stopping my standing order to pay may party membership.

The tops of many of the parties have become divorced from their memberships and without their roots the parties will die.

Politics is becoming public relations and spin ( OK NuLabour were there first in 1997 - but they are not the only ones now ).

I'm getting disillusioned fast...

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wrinkled weasel said...

Too many weather vanes blowing with the wind. Not enough signposts pointing the way.

There is an orgy of vote grabbing. All parties are at it and things like principles and standards and morality are now a fond memory.