Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nigel Farage's master stroke

The change in UKIP policy to field candidates against Eurosceptic Conservative MPs ( what about candidates - though I see the point that candidates will say lots of things to get elected ) is a master stroke by Farage.

Its one of the main objections I would have to supporting UKIP. The other being that by voting UKIP I could let in a Lib Dem MP.

This requires a serious and well thought through reaction from David Cameron. The analogy here is with the potential damage the split to the SDP did to Labour. Labour got the point a decade latter when the NuLabour program was launched. Will it take 10 years for the Conservative party to wake up to what a lot of its members are saying also ?


Eric said...

Every time I see a picture of Nigel Farage it reminds me of King Edward VIII. I think he is just what UKIP (or IP, or whatever they will become to get themselves more mainstream) needs.

Man in a shed said...

I think they could have a problem with being called the Indepednace Party with the electoral commision as it will be too close to those running as independents. But we'll see.

Nigel is certainly the most effective leader UKIP has had, after its narrow escape from Kilroy Silk.

Eric said...

Well I did a spoof on the King Edward VIII thing:


Farage's policy change seems to be backfiring, especially in Plymouth, where the whole branch of UKIP look set to resign. Maybe it'll be different over the long term though.

Man in a shed said...

Yes you've got a case for private eye there eric.