Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Its a shame Angela Eagle didn't answer the question

This morning's Radio 4 had Angela Eagle (Labour-Lesbian) vs Lord Mackay (Conservative-Heterosexual and Christian) on the impending anti-Christian belief sexual orientation regulations.

Lord Mackay tried to have a civilised debate and the interviewer tried to get to the heart of the matter but Angela Eagle was having none of that. She wouldn't admit that there where two contradictory rights in play here ( there are), and carried on using inflammatory analogies with racism but followed it up with asking Lord Mackay to denounce scare stories from the other side. ( Personally living in a world where the police phone you up if you may have said something homophobic in public, but not if someone vandalises your car - I find them all to easy to believe.)
To me this showed that she isn't interested in debate or understanding, but in grabbing what she can gain. Holding it, then asking for more. The direction of travel is an important issue here.

Listen to the interview yourself here on Radio 4's listen again facility.

Anti-Christian moves are being made on our university campuses by the gay rights lobby - where in true left wing style instead of trying to win the argument are trying to silence any dissenting voices. ( See battle between Exeter's Christian Union ( forcibly renamed by the student guild activists ) and the gay rights lobby.)

The cost of Christianity is about to go up. Who would have thought ten years ago that legal persecution of Christians would become common place and legal in Britain ? But its looks like going that way.

See also Lord MacKay in The Daily Telegraph here.

My big issue here is that I think that many people in this country(the UK) - especially Labour politicians fail to understand what Christianity is and what it requires. They assume its some sort of variable that can be modernised and changed to suit them. Maybe this also explains why they have so much difficulty with Islam.

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