Thursday, June 14, 2007

The dawning unpleasant truth in Gaza

The truth is that Hamas are the devil. Look at the way they have fallen upon their Fatah rivals - and I don't just mean the fact they have sought military victory but the brutal violence, terror and sheer sadistic evil of their attacks on their fellow countrymen, women and children.

But remember their strings are being pulled from elsewhere.

Israel can be really hard to support sometimes, but can you imagine what these Hamas zealots (ok the irony of using that work isn't lost on me) would do if they got their hands on Israel ? You don't have to its being played out now in Gaza.

Women who don't wear the veil do so at risk of their lives. People cannot escape - the Mufti of Jerusalem orders them to stay to be terrorised in the new Hamastan theme park.

Melanie Phillips puts this better than I can here - she also lays into our liberal media, quite rightly IMHO.


Rachel Joyce said...

Quite frightening.

Man in a shed said...

What strikes me is the double standards of our media. If Israeli or British or American forces behaved in this way there would be all hell to pay.

There are reports of Hamas members slitting the throats of surrendering Fatah officers.

Not that Fatah deserve excess sympathy - but its one hell of a way to treat fellow human beings.

If they treat their fellow countrymen like this how would Israeli citizens fair under their control ? The remaining Christian Arabs in Gaza are already under serve pressure.