Thursday, June 14, 2007

The SNP play the tuition fee card

The SNP are playing the tuition fee card. Singling out, from the entire European Union, only English, Northern Irish and Welsh students as needing to pay fees at Scottish Universities. ( Scottish students get their fees paid by the English ).

This is all paid for out of the supper generous Barnett formula which provides the outstanding subsidy that Scotland wallows in with its soviet style public sector and many flavours of parasitic left wring parties and trade unions.

Now the SNP respond with their economic argument that Scotland is a net contributor. I have 3 initial points on these issues:

    1) So what if that's true ( which I think it isn't ). If Scottish nationalism is just a cheque book exercise where they think they can gain personal riches by ditching the Welsh and Northern Irish ( which the UK definitely do subsidise ) then they are despicable rouges who should be thrown out of the Union as the cads they have shown themselves to be. The English have never hesitated to help - now some of them calculate they might gain some temporary advantage in short changing the Union.

    2) The Oil is running out - fast - much faster than the SNP is telling people. But see 1 - if Scots are just thinking where to get the largest bung of unearned subsidy from - the sea bed or the English - then they should be thrown out of the Union anyway.

    3) Clearly this decision cannot stand along with the Union. What will Gordon Brown do ?

    4) David Cameron should stand up for the English.

    5) Points 1,3 & 4 are probably exactly the response the SNP were hoping for.

PS This is a major part of Blair's real legacy. He helped destabilise the Union - just for his own personal political glory.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how long this romantic celtic alliance will hold up when they sod off with the oil?
If England does suffer (as they hope for) do they not think their celtic kith and kin will suffer too, or will they be kind to them and give them low interest loans?.
If all the oil had been in English waters, would we have demanded independence and ditched the union?
of course not.
The Scots have split personalities,
they can tell you all the wonderous things they've done but in a nano second can switch into victim mode. I reckon that when they are independent there will be problems in Scotland because there is only one thing they hate more than the English, and that's each other.

Ken from glos said...

Yep!! Have been talking about this for years and at last it is becoming Mainstream.

The Barnett formula and the West Midlothian question cannot go on forever.