Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't let the sun go down on a quarrel

Team Cameron have made a very big mistake. They may now be realising its scale.

The Conservative party is not the Labour party - at least I hope not.

We will not allow ourselves to be told what to think one morning by party spokespeople.

We will not sacrifice our, or other peoples, children on trendy experimental education policies designed to win over confused Liberal Democrat voters, who are the only group who oppose the effective eduction provided by grammar schools.

If this is getting though to Team Cameron then all well and good - if not then its going to get very messy.

I'm not resigning - its the party of my aspirations and I believe the best hope for all of my fellow citizens. If it really turns out that we have been hijacked then I propose we fight for what we believe in and hold to be true.

It would be better for Team Cameron to make effective peace now.

Never let the sun set on a quarrel between friends - unless we are no longer that.

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Rachel Joyce said...

I share your sentiments on trendy education policies - in fact I blogged on it yesterday myself in relation to latest govt dictat to teachers ) ).
I also believe in free choice for schools - not stalinist control of schools. Both sides of the argument in regard to grammar/ not grammar are being authoritarian by prescribing a model that has to be followed. If the system was left to evolve freely around choice, there would be some selective schools, some not, some focussed on particular special needs etc - better for all. It works and is popular in Sweden and other places.