Sunday, May 27, 2007

"But on this issue he (David Cameron) is plain wrong"

See Matthew d'Ancona in the Sunday Telegraph.

Maybe Team Cameron don't read the Telegraph any more ? ( Does Steve Hilton let them ? )

What has made this mess so much worse than when David Willetts condemned the middle classes for wanting a good education for their children has been, after a wobble, the decision to make it a leadership type issue. The Delusional membership vs the reforming leader - but the problem with this - on this issue - is just blindly obvious and as Matthew says:

    "There is something deeply distasteful about listening to the Cameroons preen themselves over their tough line on state grammar schools, before, without missing a beat, they go on to discuss the selective examinations for top private schools facing their own children.

    The wiser Tory strategists admit that the worst moment of Mr Cameron's leadership so far has been the revelation that a car carrying his papers sometimes purred behind Dave on his bike. It had the whiff of inauthenticity, of Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess. The last thing I would wish for is that the next election be fought along class lines, with Brownite Scots biffing English toffs. But the Cameroons are asking for it rather: we go to these private selective schools, but you lot really wouldn't benefit from similar academic selection in the state sector."

    Full article here -

I'm of to Euro Disney for a few days - by the time I get back I hope the fantasy has stopped.

The party needs to say something positive to the aspirational, hard working people of this country.


UK Daily Pundit said...

"by the time I get back I hope the fantasy has stopped."

I think it's only just started.

Man in a shed said...

Yes I see what you mean.

Man in a shed said...

UKdp - your not kidding the more I look around the worse this is.